Enhance Your Customer Experience Using Agentcis

Customers these days are different than they were before. The fast exchange of information and innovative technology has skyrocketed the demand for quick services. Amidst this change companies around the world must do their best to enhance the customer experience. It is because customers tend to stay loyal to those who give a seamless experience across all channels. This applies to all organizations that either sell a product or a service. Education and Migration agencies are no exception in this case. 

A survey among 1,920 business professionals reveals that about 46% of businesses keep the customer experience as their top priority. This shows how important delivering a good customer experience is.  Now, a big question arises- What should service-based companies like education agencies do to enhance their customer experience? Well, there are various ways to enhance your customer service. If you are an education and migration agent and you use Agentcis, we will discuss the ways you can exploit Agentcis to enhance your customer service. 

Enhanced Customer experience

Let your customers choose what they like

Many people consider higher education a major life event. Any of your clients that come to your education agency must have an ample amount of options to choose from. Customers will have a wonderful experience if they can choose their own courses or institutions as per their liking. In order to let customers choose what they like their options must be properly organized. Agentcis will help you in doing so. Users of Agentcis can send their clients a list of interested services. You need to follow these steps:

  1. first, click on”services” which sits in the menu of the Agentcis portal.
  2. After clicking on that you can select a service category.
  3. Selecting a category and course type will list all the courses that fall under that category.
  4. You will also see a button that says Add to compare list click on all the courses that might interest them
  5. Doing this you will also find a “Compare List” that will be visible on your screen, click on it
  6.  A list of all the courses chosen for comparison will appear and just below all of them an option to compare now will appear
  7. Click on the “Compare Now” button and it will display all the services in a tabulated form for easy comparison
  8. An option of ” Email Comparison to Client”, if you click on it, a pdf version of the list will be automatically attached to the email
  9. Send it to the client and confirm their option

Get in touch with your clients with Emails and SMS

Agentcis will help all its clients to provide them with the best customer experience. It does so by helping its users to send high-quality emails and messages so that all the clients feel cared for. Sending an email about a client’s interested service, and notifying about important dates and documents are quick in Agentcis. It is because the users can set templates for this purpose and send all of them promptly. For instance, any user can create their own email template that they can use for future purposes. To do this the following steps have to be followed:

  1. Go to the settings section that sits on the top right of the screen
  2. Click on the Template option
  3. You can choose to make either email or SMS template
  4. A blank email template is revealed; entering the Title, Subject, and Body is mandatory. You can also use placeholders to replace information that can vary with each email, for example, the client’s name, the client’s date of birth, the client’s phone number, the client’s VISA expiry date, etc.
  5. If you want to attach any document you can do that too and your template is ready

To use this template you can click on the “Compose Email” option on the client profile. There you will see an option of selecting an email template.

Automating Birthday Message

Birthday wishes always make people feel special. It is indeed a happy gesture that anyone can show to let their client feel cared for. With Agentcis this is possible too. You can send an automatic birthday message to your clients. It is possible through the Agentcis automation function. To enable this service you need to first set automation on your own. After setting the automation, your clients will receive a ” Happy Birthday” message once the calendar hits the day.

There are other things you can automate with Agentcis too. Click here to learn more.

Setting automation is simple. Here are the steps that can be followed:

  1. Click on the settings option and click on Advanced Automation Setting
  2. There you can click on the “Add” button to create your automation
  3. You need to give a name to the automation and proceed by selecting the branch of your office
  4. Then select a module ( you can choose to whom you will be automating)
  5. Choose a trigger, for birthday select “Birthday” from the option
  6. After that select an action, it can be either an email or SMS, you can create and choose a template too
  7. Save the automation

Create more valuable experiences

As an education agent, there is so much more we can do to enhance your customer experience with Agentcis. Besides these three things, users can manage Client Relationships separately with a client portal. Under this portal, users can view the client information, see their visa expiry date, and others. This means the scope of creating an enhanced customer experience with Agentcis is way higher than we can imagine. The entire system is designed in a way that exploits the maximum potential of all the education agents to acquire manage and grow the education consultancy without any limitations. So try Agentcis today!

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