International Student Survey: Key Findings & Their Analysis


Agentcis conducted a survey recently among international students. The main purpose of the survey was to understand the requirements of final customers of overseas migration and education agents. It covered international students mainly from Australia. The survey has captured responses through Google forms circulated on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

More than 80% of students visited agents for education purposes followed by merely 1/10th of students for immigration. Out of those who filled out the form, most of the students were studying or willing to immigrate to Australia. So, this survey can be helpful in analyzing the Australian education market.

Efficiency of the Consultants

Almost 1/3rd of people responded it takes to be 20 minutes for a counselor to counsel them. 1/5th responded each for 30 minutes and more than 30 minutes. This meant that the consultants were spending a lot of time on students. There is no information on how many of them are finally becoming potential clients of that consultant. Agentcis becomes an important tool in that case which allows to track the performance of the employees in terms of time devoted as well as evaluating the final conversion rate. 

Primary Interaction with International Students

An email was the first choice of contact from the consultant. Social media and in-person communication were the next 2 preferred choices of communication. Henceforth, email and social media seem to be extremely important ways to capture international students. Agentcis provides the feature of a customized lead form that can be floated through these platforms to get prominent leads and subscribers. 

It was also quite surprising to note that half of the respondents received confirmation within a few seconds to minutes after submitting their initial inquiry. It means that most of the present software used in various agencies lags behind in tracking the queue time. An efficient data management and process management system like Agentcis provides a solution to this as well. It does it by monitoring the queue time and the assignee involved for a particular prospect. Thus, it helps in defining accountability. It can also help in generating faster results.

Group of fresh graduates students throwing their academic hat in the air

Level of Awareness Amongst Consultants

It seemed to be a great sigh of relief for the consultants that almost 2/3rd of the respondents were satisfied. The consultants are having complete knowledge of relevant courses and institutions. So, there is a clear consensus on the fact that most consultants are well prepared to pitch to prospects with the right quotations. However, there is always some scope for improvement for the rest of the consultants.

The system of Agentcis provides the feature of “Interested Services” and “Quotations”. It provides a Service feature, which helps the consultants to search for courses, visas, and accommodations. They can also provide their clients with a comparison report which can help them to make the right decision.  

Regular Updates to International Students

The students received regular updates from the consultants immediately after progressing application. The automation feature in Agentcis allows the consultant to send automatic updates. It happens not only at the various stages of the application but also on sending wishes on personal occasions like birthdays. This helps to develop a better client-customer relationship and thus builds a sense of trust in the long run.

It also seemed pretty clear that almost 3/4th of the students received most of the communication regarding their application through email. Therefore, email seems to be most popular among agencies and the ultimate customers, i.e. students. Henceforth, efficient management of the email system should be a key priority for the agents. Agentcis can help in implementing this with supreme importance and extreme ease.

Clarity & professionalism in communication by the consultants was the last question of the survey. The satisfaction of students was extremely high in this case.


Agentcis appears to provide relevant solutions to all the problems presently existing among overseas agents. Thus, the consultants should look forward to this system to differentiate themselves from others. It also becomes essential to acquire, manage and grow their clients, partners, and employees in a systematic way.

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