10 Points to Remember While Submitting Student Application

Being an education and immigration agent, you have to submit numerous student applications. While submitting such applications, you must remember a lot of details. From the application deadline to the number of documents you need to submit, there are many things to consider. Today, our team has come up with a list of things that will help you remember the things you must not miss while submitting the student application.

Submitting Student Application
1. Application Essay and SOP:

Most universities either ask for an essay or a statement of purpose (SOP) and sometimes both during the application. For this reason, you must attest if the essay or SOP is up to the mark. We know that this is not something you should b taking care of but, it will be a great help if you do. Check if the essays reach or exceed the limit. Also insure there are answers to all the questions if the college/university asks multi-part questions.

2. Resume/CV:

You must advise your client to revise their resume from time to time. Ask them for precise details and highlight relevant major life events. Universities and colleges show interest mostly in leadership and special talents, so see if your clients have them on their resumes or CVs.

3. Letter of Recommendation:

When the client is applying to a university, the letter of recommendation plays a significant role. As a counselor, make sure your client has them and the letter is written as per the requirements of the institution to which they are applying.

Submitting Student Application
4. Academic Transcripts:

Transcripts are the proof of academic achievement, so it is something that you must remember while submitting your student application. Ask the client to carefully attest the transcript and send it to you. If you use CRM software like Agentcis, you can easily ask your clients to upload their own documents. Click here to learn the easy ways to manage your tasks.

5. Language test scores:

You must not forget about the language test score card. Almost all universities and colleges ask for English language test scores. They include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and many more. If your own institution provides such test preparation classes, you can manage the enrollment of your clients through Agentcis too.

6. Other Test Scores:

Besides English classes, sometimes clients have to take other tests too. If your client is applying for an undergraduate course, they might have to take the SAT. Likewise, if your client is applying for postgraduate degree (Master’s) then might need GRE/GMAT test score. Ask your client to submit their test report before hand so yu don’t miss them.

7. Supplimentary Reports:

In order to make the application better, your clients have the choice to submit supplementary reports too. They can submit their personal project portfolios, references, and much more to the application.

8. Check for errors:

Yes, most of the time, the documents and letters received from the clients are not correct. Their incompetency is the reason you stay in business. So make sure you have everything on hand before sending your application. You can create a document check list before starting any application process. Doing this will save time and effort.

9. Make the application process consistent:

Now that everything has been compiled, see if the documents are arranged in a chronological manner. Also see if the details of the course, dates and prominent information are consistent all over.

10. Additional things to remember:

After you have everything in hand prepare yourself for the application. Make sure you haveelectronic signature, company stamps and other relevant materials to follow the direction of the admission.

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